“Yogies has been like a second home to my children. I have been a very happy and satisfied parent since 2009.

My husband and I consider ourselves lucky and blessed to have found a place where we can entrust our kids without us having to worry while we are at work.

My eldest attended the centre in late 2009 until last year. Because of the nurturing atmosphere at the centre and even with the change of ownership, I didn’t think twice of also enrolling my youngest. She has been at the centre for two years now.

The changes I have seen over the years were mainly for the better. I also belong to the field of education and seeing the programs and changes they are now implementing at the centre, I know my daughter is in good hands.

Whenever I hear horror stories involving childcare, I can’t help but say a little prayer of thanks because I’ve never experienced such sad incidents with Yogies.  The home-centre partnership Mark and Jeneane have established is really superb! The teachers and carers are excellent too!

Whenever friends ask me about recommending a good childcare, I don’t think twice of suggesting Yogies Playhouse because I know and I have proven based on my personal experience over the years the quality service the centre offers and gives to its students!

– Mrs. Jeana Marie S. B.
A happy Yogies parent since 2009.”


“We enrolled our son at Yogies Playhouse in 2011 after a bad experience at a previous daycare he attended . Our son was diagnosed with a mild development delay shortly after he joined the center. The staff at Yogies have been extremely supportive of him and constantly encourage him. Yogies Playhouse have been able to provide a great environment for him to learn and grow and have helped him reach his age appropriate milestones.

Mark and Jeneane have also been extremely supportive with providing us with constant updates and feedback on our son which clearly points out their attention to detail in the growth and development of the child. The best part about the center is that both the management and the staff are very accommodating, we’ve had our son’s physiotherapist visit the center and provide our son with therapy at the center. The daily updates and the monthly newsletters are a delight to read.

Our son looks forward to attending daycare and we are extremely thankful to Mark, Jeneane and all the Staff. We would highly recommend Yogies Playhouse as a great daycare that provides a clean, conducive and an invigorating environment to nurture children in their early years.”